Tips to keep your skin and mind happy during 2020

2020 has been an unusual and uncertain time for us all and being thrown from your daily grind can cause a lot of anxiety and confusion for some. We have a lot of questions with few answers but what we do know is to STAY HOME and keep a 6ft. distance from others. It's what's safest for all at this time but what are some things that we can do to help alleviate those worries and keep your skin fresh and your mind peaceful?

TIP #1

Try a NEW Product!

Now is a great time to start investing in your skin! Try a new skincare line until you find what works best for your skin. It can seem overwhelming and like a daunting task so I always recommend adding in one new product at a time. This way your skin will let you know if it works for you and is the proper fit. 

 TIP #2

Don't Forget Your Self Care 

Not only is self care vital to your happiness and well-being, it's even more important these days. Now is a great time to start trying new things! Take more relaxing bubble baths by candle light, after the kids go to bed or at the end of your work day. Use your favorite mask at least once a week. Go for peaceful walks or incorporate some breathing exercises into your day. Read that book that's been collecting dust on your nightstand for way too long and you've always meant to read. 

 TIP #3

Start a NEW Workout Routine 

There are SOOOO many virtual programs to choose from! The options are absolutely endless since we've all come to realize we may be working out at home a lot more often. All the excuses we were using before "the Corona" existed have evaporated into thin air and we now have it all at our fit finger tips. All you need is to press that start button and a belief that YOU CAN DO IT to live your healthiest life. Give a new program that interests you a try and I can guaranty you amazing, feel good endorphins and a new sense of confidence you've never had before.

Go get your sweat on cause all you will regret is the workout you didn't do ;)

TIP #4 

Drink Plenty of Water

The average adult should consume 12-15 cups of water per day! Hydration is VITAL for clear skin and overall health. Drinking plenty of water can cleanse your body of toxins, boost metabolism, reduce bloating, brain fog and water retention.

I'll be the first to admit I struggle with drinking enough water. Here are  some creative ways to increase your water intake that have worked for me.

  • Infuse your water with lemon, cucumber, mint or your favorite fruit of choice.
  •  Set your timer to remind you to drink throughout the day.
  • Purchase a VERY large water bottle. With a permanent marker, mark the level and time the amount should be consumed. This way you meet your goal by the end of the day! 

TIP #5

Get Your Hobby On

I find whenever I set my mind to something, it's always a happy distraction. Insert the new hobby!

Try whatever excites you. That thing that you've always wanted to try but never had the time for. Maybe you've always wanted to be awesome at drawing birds, have a million ideas for clothing designs but need to learn how to sew first. Make Charcuterie Cheese Boards that your friends would ooohhh and awww over! 

Try and fail and try again and before you know it, you may unlock that thing that makes you your happiest self.


Give it go and let me know if any of these tips have helped to alleviate some of 2020's stresses and maintain a healthy complexion.


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